We are nuts about soap nuts!

With some much coming out about the state of our planet at the moment, this year will see a huge push for people to ditch conventional cleaning products for more eco friendly low waste alternatives.

One good way to do that, swap to washing your clothes with soap nuts.

Now hear me out about washing your clothes with nuts. Soap nuts actually come from the lychee family and are typically from India. They are also sometimes called soap berries. Soap nut shells contain Saponins which when they come into contact with water create suds – they have been used for hundreds of years to wash clothes in India and Nepal. You can literally take a nut, run it under water, rub it and it will soap up – crazy!

Here are some benefits of using soap nuts:

Natural, cleans well, allery free (hypoallergenic), sustainable and a cheaper alternative. 1kg of soap nuts can be used to wash more than 100 load of washing – woking out at around 12 weeks worth of washing for the average family of 4 (based on 8 loads of washing per week).

1kg of soap nuts can usually be picked up for around £10, meaning you can do a years washing for around £40, compared to £63 using standard branded laundry detergent. That’s without the saving of at least 8 plastic bottles.

You may still not be convinced at the cleaning ability of some nuts from India, don’t worry, we weren’t until we had used them either! They cleaned everything so well – even removing a tumeric stain from a light grey hoody.

The clothes, bedsheets and towels all come out smelling fresh and clean. Even our sweaty gym kit comes out smelling clean! Soap nuts can be used in a cold wash all the way up to a 60 degree wash. Although you don’t really need to do such a high wash when using them as they are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, meaning you don’t need to use the heat to kill things off. Again, another saving. Cooler temp, less engery usage.

To use them, simply take 4 or 5 nuts and place into a small muslin bag (you usually get some when you buy them) and pop into your washing machine. Done. It really is that simple.

When the washing is done, remove the soap nuts and leave on the side to dry. The same nuts can be reused up to 5 times (they start to turn grey when they are passed their best). You can also grind them up and use them like powder laundry detergent. Although we prefer the ease of throwing them in whole.

This year, I challenge you to try soap nuts. You can even get them on Amazon Prime so what’s stopping you! Leave me a comment if you try them out and let me know if you were as impressed as we have been.

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