Highlights of Veganuary 2020

Now that veganuary 2020 has come to an end, I wanted to share my top food highlights from the month!

This month we have had the meatless meatball sub, glazed doughnuts, steak bakes, KFC burgers, chick’n kievs and so much more. Supermarkets have been releasing new ranges of vegan food, pizza hut has added new pizzas, Linda has added more. What a crazy month it has been.

Now I have tried my best to get my hands on most of the new products to review them but there have been a lot!

Fast/chain food

Greggs – glazed ring doughnut and steak bake.

Both get a 10/10 from me. I loved the texture of the doughnut and the steak bake, although arugable more like a mince meat and gravy filling had everything going on that I wanted it to have.

Subway – Meatless Meatball Sub

A soild 8/10 on this one. I liked the meatballs and the cheese they used. The sauce was nice and when topped wih their garlic aoli, it was a game changer. Also, nearly all of their breads are suitable for vegans with the execption of the cheese one (obvs!) and I love how they all change their gloves over when they handle your food.

KFC – No Chicken Burger

A very solid attempt from KFC. It has all you would expect from a fast food chicken burger. Crispy fried chicken with a nice moist center. Nice seasoning, mayo and some lettuce in a sesame seed bun. That is probably are far as it goes. Is it a mind blowing taste sensation for your mouth, no but then crappy fast food very rarely is. But for what it is, I’d give it 7/10. Nice to be able to grab something when travelling but not a regular thing and a tad over priced.

Hotel Chocolat – Nut Milk Batons

These are creamy sticks of complete joy. Made using hazelnut milk they do have a nutella esk taste to them which I actually enjoyed. They do still contain a higher level of cocoa than standard milk chocolate so maybe not your cup of tea if you aren’t into the darker chocolates. Soild 8/10, only downside is the price – £6.50 for 15 batons makes it more a gift kinda thing than a I fancy some chocolate kind of treat.

Supermarket Food

M&S –

Vegan Mayo, it is great to see more and more supermarkets releasing their own range of vegan food. Just goes to show how much the market for these products is growing and how quickly. The vegan mayo from M&S is nice, but I would say has more of a salad cream taste to it. Very comparable to heinz mayo. I would rate it at 6/10, nice but nowhere near as good in my opinion as the hellemans.

Sainsburys –

Facon. Loved it! It has a good bacon taste (smokey and sweet), it fries well but it does lose a lot of the flavour once it is cooked. It is a good cross of tofu/seitan and for the price, it does come in a little cheaper than alternatives. This is another 7/10 but I will probably stick to Uptons – even though the taste isn’t spot on, the texture is much nicer.

Churizo Sausage. These are lovely and from what I can remember, the taste is pretty on the mark. You have to make sure you cook them for long enough though as if not, the casing they are in comes off the sausage leaving it a bit mushy. Perfect to throw in a pasta dish. 8/10 from me.