Four years of Veganism

When I first started this journey back in 2015, originally as a veggie, I was angry. I felt lied to. The spark for me was watching Cowspiracy. I felt like all I thought I knew about greenhouse gasses and global warming was all lies. It isn’t planes and cars (well some is), it isn’t taking 15 minute showers or excessively buying throw away things (again some of it is). What is far worse than all of that is what we eat. The food we put on our plates. The single biggest thing you can do for the planet and your health is to go vegan.

At first the thought of going vegan was too much so I opted to dip my toes in with being veggie. Mainly replacing meat with cheese. But as I began to research more and more, all things pointed towards veganism being where I needed to be.

In January 2016 (surprising nothing to do with Veganuary, I can’t even remember being aware of it), I ditched all animal products and became vegan. My family laughed and thought it was a phase, which being completely honest spurred me on even more. I had a point to prove now. I could do this, the science was on my side and I would keep this up.

Now here I am 4 years later, still vegan. Not dying from protein deficiency or B12! Would I say I am thriving, no but that’s for various other health reasons.

The biggest thing veganism has taught me is an appreciation for food. Before going vegan, vegetables were almost a side dish. Something I had to have on my plate but didn’t want. Now I love making meals completely out of them. Battered cauliflower, I’m there!

At the end of the day, food is fuel and if all I have to do is slightly alter the food I eat to save animals live, protect the planet and improve my health. Why wouldn’t I?

In 2020 it is easier than ever to go vegan, or just reduce your meat, dairy and egg consumption. How about being vegan during the week or having vegan meals once or twice a week. Can’t do that, then ditch beef and opt for chicken. Want a small change to make, swap to a milk alternative. Give it a go and just try some vegan alternatives – you might actually prefer them and can swap them over.