Wild, Natural Vegan Refillable Deodorant

This month I was kindy sent a Wild refill to try out. Wild is a aluminium free natural deodorant with compostable, plastic free refills and an 100% effective formula – which I can vouch for!

The thing I love most about Wild is that it is so easy to use. I have tried other natural deodorants which have come as either solid bars or in glass jars and they are just messy. The deodorant ends up being hard to apply and ends up under my finger nails all day. Wild comes in a wind up metal container which you place the refill into – super easy, clean and cute looking.

Wild pretty much works as a subsciption but you can select how many refills you want, change the date of your refills and pause/cancel the subscription at any time. Sustainabilty is at the forefront of Wild and no single use plastic is used. The casings is reusable and the refills come in bamboo pulp containers which you can compost.

To start you simply select the case you want from either Aqua, Silver or Coral then select the plan you want. Subscribe and save for £12 which gets you the case, a refill and signs you up to their flexible subsciption or £25 for a one of purchase of 1 case and 3 refills (you can buy more one off refills seperately as well). Next you pick your scents from rose blush, mint fresh, orange zest, coconut dreams and bergamont rituals. And that’s it, your natural plastic free deodorant will be delivered to your door in a convient package which fits through your letterbox.

After the inital £12, you will receive 3 refills every 3 months for £15. Or you can buy 3 refills for a one off payment of £18.

Like I said earlier, I have a tried a few different natural deodorants. Some work and others really don’t. I won’t name names but this was the first one that actually smelt really good and lasted all day – even after I had cycled 12km and lifted some weights.

I have been using it daily now for the past couple of weeks and I am impressed. So much so that I have ordered 3 more refills (not sponsered, just really loved the products). So if you are on the hunt for a new low waste, natural, vegan deodorant then give Wild a go. What have you got to lose. It is gentle on the skin, smells good and keeps you fresh!

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