Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter V Lush Ultraplant

A face off of two very good face cleaners, two well known brands but which is better.

I had been using Body Shops cleansing butter for well over a year when Lush released their Ultraplant, the vegan version of their best selling Ultrabland. I was hesitant at first to try out the Lush product, mainly due to the price and size of it (more on that shortly). But at the start of lockdown Chloe put in a Lush order and treated me to some.

Lets start with a basic run down of each product.

Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous cleaning butter claims to cleanse and nourish your skin by removing every last trace of make up whilst cleansing and nourishing to leave soft to the touch skin. With the main ingredient being Camomile, making it suitable for sensitive skin. Coming in at £11 for a 90ml tin. Roughly this would last me 5-6 months of everyday use.

Lush Ultraplant claiming to be a gentle cold cream cleanser anyone can use. The main ingredients are orange blossom water, sunflower wax, Jojoba oil and candelilla wax. With a price tag of £12.50 for 45g. I have been using mine for approximately 3 months and haven’t even made a dent in it so I hopefully it will last me another 3 – 5 months.

Both balms work in pretty much the same way. They are solid in the container and melt under the warm of your skin. To use you simply rub your fingers in the pot, and apply a small amount of cleanser to your face – a little goes a long way with both. They are both also safe to use on eye make up. I usually leave mine for a minute or two and then wash off with warm water and a muslin cloth.

When comparing the two products there is very little in terms of how good it works. Both effortlessly remove make up, even waterproof mascara etc and neither have caused any irritation or breakouts. The camomile cleanser is a little easier to get out of the tub as it has a slightly softer consistency than the ultraplant but other than that, it’s much of a much. Therefore the big thing between these two is price! There is a considerable difference in price. It’s either £11 for 90g or £25 for 90g. I will however say that the lush product does last longer but not long enough to justify over double the price.

Basically what this comes down to is whether you are a body shop lover or a lush one! Both work amazingly, both are vegan, both companies have good morals. Whichever one you go for, your face will be happy.

For me, I still have a most of the Ultraplant left but when it runs out will I buy more? That will probably all depend on my bank balance.

2 thoughts on “Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter V Lush Ultraplant

  1. Love your skin care routine hun!! I see you love the body shop products!! So do I!! I am a body shop at home consultant… I receive lots of discounts and offers! If you want more discounts on your favs, feel free to drop me a message on my Instagram @beautypuzzled or drop me a message on my blog 🙂 Have a lovely day xx


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