Rapid heart rate, chest tightness and dizziness, could it be POTS?

As some of you may know, I have been suffering from a rapid heart rate (it has been up to 160bmp) along with chest pains and dizziness for the past 11 months. It has been such a long road to getting this figured out and I’m still not there. A few months ago I was … More Rapid heart rate, chest tightness and dizziness, could it be POTS?

Four years of Veganism

When I first started this journey back in 2015, originally as a veggie, I was angry. I felt lied to. The spark for me was watching Cowspiracy. I felt like all I thought I knew about greenhouse gasses and global warming was all lies. It isn’t planes and cars (well some is), it isn’t taking … More Four years of Veganism

The Pigs, Edgefield

A lovely pub and spa located 40 minutes from Norwich. I booked a spa room to surprise my girlfriend for her birthday. The spa rooms (£200 per night) include a double ended bath, fire pit and sauna. I cannot fault the hotel, the facilities were amazing. We were greeted by a lovely woman who showed … More The Pigs, Edgefield

Vegan Guide To Norwich

Norwich has an abundance of independent establishments that are either completely vegan or have excellent vegan options. Find below an extensive list of place to check out if you are visiting: Breakfast Olives A quaint cafe located on one of the oldest streets in Norwich, Elm Hill offering an excellent vegan breakfast option. Rating: 4.5/5 … More Vegan Guide To Norwich

Bia Kitchen

Oh Bia. The wonderful vegan street food stall located in Norwich’s vibrant market. A safe haven for vegans amongst the bacon sandwiches and fried eggs being served. Since 2015, you have been making my belly happy. If you haven’t been to Bia kitchen, you need to go. Like ASAP. They offer a great selection of … More Bia Kitchen


A cute and cosy cafe on the corner of Elm Hill, one of the cobble streets of Norwich lined with twisty buildings and stories of ghouly things. Upon entering you are greeted by the smell of freshly ground coffee, surrounded by artwork and plants. Atmosphere, 10/10. Perfect for those edgy instagram pics (as you can … More Olive’s

Byfords, Holt

Breakfast dates are just wonderful things, why don’t people do them more? Come on, you’ve all got to eat breakfast. Today, Chloe and I went for one with my mum. The destination, Holt. Why? Because, well why not. A lovely market town in the north Norfolk countryside. Byfords is always on the agenda if I’m … More Byfords, Holt