Fitness and Fibro

Now these two words you wouldn’t expect to go together but they do, hand in hand. The more you improve your fitness level the better you can manage your symptoms. I have always been an averagly active person, I am a member of the gym, lift weights, do a little cardio. You know the drill … More Fitness and Fibro

Four years of Veganism

When I first started this journey back in 2015, originally as a veggie, I was angry. I felt lied to. The spark for me was watching Cowspiracy. I felt like all I thought I knew about greenhouse gasses and global warming was all lies. It isn’t planes and cars (well some is), it isn’t taking … More Four years of Veganism

Did you know not all vitamins are suitable for vegans?

Vitamins, probably not something you have thought about checking the label on to make sure they are suitable for vegans. Here are a few hidden things in vitamins making some not suitable: Bonemeal; animal bones Cysteine; animal derived. Fish oil Gelatine; animal bones Lactose; sugar from mammals milk Glucosamine; made from shellfish Plus loads more … More Did you know not all vitamins are suitable for vegans?